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умный дом
Хай-Тек Хаус

"Hi-Tech House Ltd" company

The company operates at the market of information technology, smart home systems and industry automation. The company has experience in complete systems creation, main hardware, software supply, cooperation with other companies when implementing major projects.

We propose

  • Complex solutions for smart-home systems, informational systems and for the industrial automation systems
  • Delivery of equipment for smart-home systems (controllers, I/O devices, sensors, remote control, sound distribution systems, electro-installation devices, CCTV and so on),
  • Delivery of industrial automation equipment (controllers, I/O devices, field buses),
  • Automated instrumentation and control systems (I&C)
  • Supply of software development tools to assist customers in creation of their own application systems (SCADA, controller programming tools, operational systems)
  • Software development for all kind of special automation tasks


All proposed components and systems are based on on the next principles:

  • high reliability of the systems
  • compatibility and the ability to be integrated with equipment and subsystems from other manufacturers
  • the opportunity to utilize maximally creative potentials of the home developers and of the customer himself
  • high price/quality indicator values
  • acceptable deadlines when implementing complicated projects

And as a result - high competitiveness of the systems being created

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